About Us

We look at things a little

Working in the banking industry, we saw the pain and frustration customers face when it comes to re-negotiating their current home loan from their bank. For most of us, home is the biggest asset and debt. And home loan isn’t just about the interest rate - there is a continual need to review home loans due to new product availability, fluctuating interest rates over time, and changing personal circumstances.

It was evident that existing customers are forgotten and left with outdated options (visiting their local branch or spending hours on the phone to find the right person)

Other options like online lenders, comparison website and mortgage brokers are available to customers, but all these have one thing in common. They are primarily set up as an acquisition source for banks and financial institutes (helping banks find new customers), which makes it quite plausible that customer relying on these platforms will be urged to move banks at their own cost and hassle, even when their own bank could have helped them with their changing needs.

We noticed a real need to help Australians make better financial choices and provide an ongoing support to help make their money work hard for them. This led to the launch of RetainMe.


Our Mission

RetainMe is on a mission to help everyday Australians to manage and control their financial health with solutions that are easy to use, transparent and unconventionally fun. We focus on empowering Australians by bringing innovation to a world dominated by sales driven brokers, hidden fees, never-ending paperwork, and off-the-charts levels of stress and frustration. By leveraging technology and design, we are transforming the way Australians manage and negotiate their home loans.